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Stainless Damascus - first try & questions

Tomas Benadik

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Hello all,

one question regarding stainless Damascus, please.
I'm going to try my hand at creating my first billet of stainless Damascus this weekend according to the method described by Ariel Salaverria (his site is unfortunately down at the moment.)

I have two steels - N695 and 1.4116. From what I gather this should be very similar to what Markus Balbach uses.

The important question is - what happens with the square tube used as a container for the steels? My guess is that it will weld to the steels and have to be ground off, right?

Many thanks for your replies, any & all input is much appreciated.


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I haven't made any stainless Damascus but do an occasional can mosaic with carbon steels and would think that the can would weld to the contents like it will with carbon steels. One way to help prevent this is to line the can with some aluminum foil. This should allow the can to be removed after welding.






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