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Benghazi Warfighter hacking on hackberry

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Got some feedback with pictures recently from a customer freshly out of the Marines. He had gotten this as a graduation present earlier in the year for his younger brother who is planning on attending West Point next year:






Well, he also wanted one for himself, about a half inch longer with a double edge. This is what I built for him:






And these are some of the pics from his camera that he sent me afterwards:












His comments: "Only took me a couple of minutes to get through all three of the limbs in the two pictures, and still shaved hair off of my arm with both edges. After going through some branches about thigh size along with a lot of other smaller branches, I did a quick touch up with a wet stone. Took no more that 45 seconds before it was shaving sharp again. You did an amazing job thank you."


That's what I like to hear. :)

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Thanks, Miles!


Karter - Never dealt with honey locust. Hackberry isn't the hardest wood, but something about it makes it difficult to cut.

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Brother Let me tell ya Locust is the closest thing to lignum vitae, & Bodock and for a very good reason it is Hard as a rock.



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Okay, here is a bet (northern folks will get it ;)) you must hack down... some wild honey locust.

With - A HERRING!!! Oh, now I'm going to have to make a knife named the herring, just so I can do that...

But beautiful - and truly impressive - knife, Stormcrow. I'd love to own one of your blades some day

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i know what your talking about karter ;)


i had to take out a black locust sapling that was moving into my grandmothers yard several years ago, stuff is hard as a rock and can sometimes have 4in :o thorns sticking out of the whole darn thing :wacko:


edited to add that locust does make some pretty handle scales when its cut right

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Beautiful knife. Great work with it. If a customer is able to do that and it still holds up then that's praise an review enough for me.



Okay, here is a bet (northern folks will get it ;)) you must hack down... some wild honey locust.


Bois d'arc/osage orange would be another good test for those of us in a more southern location. Especially if it has been dried.

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