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bog oak seaxes

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Another commission finished up, 2 seaxes with bog oak handles, one patternwelded, one W2. They were supposed to match, but they are slightly different in shape.








The blades are 4 1/2" long, overall lengths 9 1/4". The W2 blade developed a pretty neat hardening line even though I fully quenched it... a strip along the spine hardened, I love this steel... the patternwelded blade has a wrought spine, 1084/15n20 twist, and the last of my 1095 for the edge. The sheath fittings are hammered brass with copper rivets, and didn't photograph well...


Thanks for looking.

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Awesome, as always George.


I find, that when forging the foreword edge, that the front break will most of the time take on that pretty curve. I'm starting to like it. :)

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those are wonderful. The fittings/sheaths are killer (in a good way). quite impressed.


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nice work George!

May i sugest to try to break surface of the fitings? punching, stamped line, tremolier engraving... all very quick and will look less "perfectly smooth"

otherwise, awesome pieces

The sheath fittings are actually heavily peened, but I just couldn't get it to show in the pics! I like peening them, then I don't have to be all that careful when I peen the rivets... :)


Thanks guys!

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Very nice as always. Is that bog oak stabilized ?

No, I prefer using wood unstabilized unless it is a type that really needs it. The handles were soaked in a mix of linseed oil and turpentine overnight, and will be waxed before I send them out... the linseed oil needs time to oxidize before sealing with wax.



Handles look´s simply, but put it so clear with blades is hard fiddly job!... lovely pieces.

A hard fiddly job indeed, I've yet to get what I consider a perfect fit, but I'm getting closer! Thanks guys...



Good to see you around these parts again... :)

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