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Power Hammer shaking the entire house

Tomas Benadik

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Greetings, gentlemen.


One important question for you, please:


My bladesmithing master installed power hammer in his shop - the type embedded in the floor in a deep pit, with proper cushioning (as per instructions). However, when it's put to work, the entire house is shaking - and since it's fairly old house, the end result is that he is unable to use the power hammer at all.

It was quite costly, so we're trying to figure out what else can we do to be able to use it. Recently, my master came across notion of some kind of "pneumatic absorption pillows", that could possibly solve this problem.


Do any of you, please, have some idea about what might help or where I might get pair of these "pillows"? The desired size is 28x28 cm (that would be about 11x11 inch).


Any info and help is much appreciated!

Many thanks,


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Where is the hammer located ? garage, basement, out building


What size was the foundation?


What size hammer?


The above information is would help us figure out where the problem is, and possibly help resolve the issue.



When I poured my footer for my hammer ( 85 lb helve) I went 18" larger on all sides/ front/ back then 3.5 ft deep and I get absolutely no vibration.

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there are specialty companies that make items similar ( like spring boxes, mounts, vibration damp padding etc )




I've delt with fabreeka and find the are good people


good luck


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Greetings, gentlemen.

Apologies for my late reply.


Here's some more information:

- the hammer is KA-75 (http://www.ka75.com/)

- the foundation was a pit 1 meter deep (about 3,3 feet), about 1x1 meters wide.

- the pit was filled with cushioning materials - bottom 30 cm are from thick rubber plates, then 50 cm of thick cork plates

- the sides of the pit were cushioned with Nobasil (kind of isolation used in Slovakia)

- all of it was then fixed in concrete and the hammer was bolted to the floor


Does that help?


Many thanks!

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is the baseblock in the soil ?

or did you pour a cement liner first ? by this i mean a sort of basement like box for the base block to sit in


The idea is to cast this liner first, and then line the pit with your vibration material on the bottom and sides. A plastic sheet is then put down and cast your cement baseblock in this area ! The plan is to end up with a floating block of concrete in a box. However, there can be absolutely no contact of the baseblock to the liner, otherwise vibration will conduct ! Mass is also the best isolator (so bigger is better )

John N is very knowledgeable about these things, i'd give him a pm

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