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damasteel and antler fishing knife

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Nice lines on this one Jake. The carving looks great. The one piece of feedback I could give that applies to all your posts... I wish I could see them better! You need to start using more diffused light for your pictures. Are you using a flash or just a hard overhead light source? Turn the flash off in your camera settings or put some tape over it. And don't use direct light.. use reflected or diffused. It's so easy to get a good exposure outside on a cloudy day. Or next to a south facing window in the middle of the day when the sun is too high to blast through. Not as good... but take it out to the shady side of your house or in the morning before the sun comes up.

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Nice knife man! It turned out really good.


Don't know if any of you guys were following this knife on crackbook too, but Jake really dug in on this one and did a couple of things over, and then over again, to get it right.


And yeah, you got it right.


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