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Has anyone used this steel? Do you have a HT recipe ? It's a newer formulation of L2


Typical Chemistry: Carbon 0.81 Silicon 0.32 Manganese 0.42 Phosphorus 0.006 Sulfur 0.002 Chromium 0.54 Nickel .075 Molybdenum 0.016 Vanadium 0.17


Looks like 5160 a bit







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I have been playing with it a bit , nice steel. This is the same alloy as the 1080+

critical is 1545-1615 recommended is a 5 min hold (I have had great results going to the high end of critical with no hold) basically treat it like 5160 tempers a bit hotter and 5160, I have been tempering around 450.




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I've made a couple things with it (mostly test pieces so far) and like what I've seen. Nice fine grain on it. IIRC I gave it a 5+ min soak at temp in the kiln. I want to run some tests to see if cryo helps it or not (possibly in january when I get the dewar filed).


Here is a PNG of a german spec sheet:


80Crv2 spec sheet.png

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