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Wootz pattern from summer ingot.

Niko Hynninen

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Nice steel! Good to see you again..this has been a good year in some respects..we are severely short on rain...I am waiting to burn some yard waste and save the charcoal, but no burning is allowed. Hoping to make some very low carbon iron, based on the feedback Owen got from Lee regarding low carbon blooms. I am planning to step back from my wootz project as soon as I finish the heat treating process....... I am trying to get as hard an edge as I can and as much contrast as possible ( hard to have it both ways ).

Have a good 2014.


Here is a pic of some steel made this fall,

good year.jpg


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I love it. Are you going to work with this material or continue to chase that elusive pattern with more trials?


.... It has been 6 yrs. I have been playing with various crucibles and cast irons and I have only just learned how to melt hypereutectoid steel ( I did learn how to forge cast iron, should that ever become useful) . For me it is time to put it away for a while and come back refreshed. I did notice some wootz like characteristics on the remelted file steel.....so for those looking to start wootz, maybe melting old files is not a bad idea. Now off to working with bloomery iron, when I come back, the criteria for more pattern tests are in place ( reliable melting/cooling process..and predictable ingredients (files)). The heat treating is more complicated as I am trying to make a knife not a sword.... so I want a really hard edge with lots of carbides as well..it comes down to keeping the blade body cool while heat treating the very edge or keeping the hard edge cool while tempering the body of the blade..any way next year.


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Hi Jan.




I cant stop making Wootz or any other ancinet steel that is...In matter of fact I sold all my factory steels to

bladesmith friends...and only focused to these.

This years total is about 50kg of Wootz

I have forge some of these to certain state...to see how pattern will flow and move.

Patters are between not that good and really nice ( personally)..Personally the pattern is the one and only aspect for Wootz...if pattern is not there yet

for me its not that interesting. This is the reason why I will continue making more...forging more.

From bars here I will forge at least one actually two...they are raw state allready. Also one bar will ship to swordsmith as soon as we have gome up the desing..this determs the bar size. So soon as weather give chance more Wootz more Tamagane...new tatara work like clock and Im really happy that I made it.


About HT, last test I have done whit Wootz I have had over 1000HV ..and temp that I used was only for 0,7% of C...1% stayed as Cm

and I think its not that hard to get REALLY hard edge to Wootz..But all that carbide at edge will not actually made steel any better..also to get it ductile and springgy its quite interesting task...but it needs some time ;)


More this year...Lots more :lol:

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Hey Niko


Thanks for your email!


I was getting sooo curious to see your Wootz that I decided to come and take a look here, after 2 or 3 years:-) Nice patterns... Stunning! And hello to you to Jan, nice to see you are still around :-)


I think I'll come back more often ;-)





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This is not wootz, but a remelted file ( http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=27982 ) . forged into a tiny knife...there is a river running through the pattern just about where the edge of the hamon would appear..it seems to be high in carbon and runs along most of the blade length . I am hoping the appearance, after a ( clayed) quench will relate back to this "river". We will see ..I should have it hardened sometime this week. The delicate grain boundary network visible, is not from the early forging sequence, but was created later ( I think ..pretty sure). Maybe we will meet at one of these events ,I look forward to that.



P1060379 copy.JPG

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well, I have the Honour to be able to work on some of your Wootz, Niko, Kiitos sulle

and here is the actual stand:

41cm of blade + tang, 30mm wide, 5mm thick at the back and down to 1,5mm now at the edge

filed down from 460gr to 390 gr today

still way before heattreatment:









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here we come to see some hint of a pattern in my blade

after I have tried to get rid of the filemarks

using coarse waterstones (200 - 250 -300)


but remember, this is all before any final heattreatment

the raw blade, if you like...


so the first quetion was. can I trust the rust? <_<



it came up by itself from the water


so I used some ferric to be more sure:




and it looks like there is some real character in this steel B)







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