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Cord Wrapping A Knife Handle

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Hi I'm not sure what section this is supposed to be in. But I think it can also be Show And Tell. It's a quick tutorial on how to cord wrap a knife handle. Someone asked me how and where I learned it. I learned it from somewhere on the internet but can't find the link anymore so here's a quick tutorial I did. Took less than 10 mins to wrap the handle while taking pics. I don't know how to upload a pic and put text below it so I'm just going to upload all the pics and hopefully you guys will be able to figure out how its done. I think the pics are self explanatory but I'll give a run down of every pic here:


1: The blade. I'm using a cracked blade I have. Make sure the blade hasn't been sharpened when you do this because you will put your hand on the edge during the whole process.

2: 550 cord. This one has not been gutted. If you take the stuff from the inside out, the cord will lay flat and look nicer, but this way will give you a little more cushion. I also don't know how much cord to start with. Use more than you think you will need.

3: Wrap the cord around your shoe so and keep pulling on it the whole time so there's tension. This will keep the cord tight on the tang.

4: "Lay" a long "loop" on the whole blade. Near the butt you should have a little extra and leave a longer "tail" on the blade side, you will need enough to grip when you pull everything tight in the final step.

5: Start wrapping over the "tail".

6: Wrap one whole turn and stop here for a moment.

7: See that piece over the thumb? Pull on that so there's no slack in the first wrap you did. Now grab the knife with both hands and turn it so that it gets wrapped around with the cord. Keep pulling on the cord that's wrapped around your shoe so the cord will be tighter on the tang. You may need to use your fingernails to make sure there's no gaps between all the turns. Wrap all the way down close to the butt. If you get too close to the butt, the cord will move later and show gaps. If this happens, back off enough turns to avoid the gaps.

8: Put the cord in the loop through the top.

9: Pull the cord all the way through the loop.

10: While holding the cord you put through the loop down with your thumb, pull on the "tail" that's on the blade side. This will close the loop and pull on the cord near the butt so that doesn't unravel on it's own. Then pull on the cord near the butt to make sure there's no slack there. You can pull as hard as you want. The harder you pull, the more secure it will be. But if you do pull it too hard on the "tail", you will end up with a little bump under the wrap on the butt side.

11: It should look like this.

12: Another look.

13: The other side.

14: A knife I had done the cord wrap on. Notice how the ends have been cut and burnt so the tips don't unravel.


I have covered everything I can think of. If I missed anything or if you guys have any questions let me know.














completed example.jpg

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@ImadSultan,thanks a lot for this,I can print this out and use it as a guid,thanks very much :):) :)

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