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What happened and how do I fix it?

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I have an old Forgecraft butcher knife that my mother got at a yardsale over 20 years ago. Best I can tell, it dates from the early-mid 50's. She gave it to me a few years ago so I've kept good care of if up until now. I was about to do dishes yesterday and I noticed a blue spot near the tip :( . It looks to me like it got too hot, but I don't recall using it for anything that could have done that. Could it be something else? I'm not even sure I'm the last person to use it so I'm completely baffled by it. I'm hoping I don't have to re-heat treat it, but if I do then so be it. It could use a new handle anyway. My mother took decent care of it but it has seen a few accidental soakings in dish water, so the handle isn't in the best shape. I just want to make sure it lasts to pass to my own kids. I'll post a pic of the damage to give everybody a better idea of what may have happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This knife has a lot of sentimental value.


blue spot.jpg



domum chalybs passio

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Definitely overheating. However, do NOT redo the heat treat!! As Alan said, its small area, and will sharpen out naturally with use.


On a side note, my fsvorite handle for a Forgecraft is a wa (Japanese) style octagonal. They really fit the blade profile well :).

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^ ^

l l

l l


What they said. :P


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