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Damascus Shortsword (leafblade)

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Dear All,


I have today finally finished my first shortsword! This has been the first blade I have made just for myself and I love it, razor sharp and perfectly weighted for me (though this was luck and not skill!) I hope you like it, I welcome any comments as I kind of let this one go its own way.



Blade: 100-layer Mild/Bandsaw damascus - 15'', widest point: 1.5'', thinnest: 1''

Handle: Mahogany with celtic knotwork pattern (my first attempt at carving) - 9.5''

Crossguard: Mild steel beaten from 16mm bar


IMG_4556 (508x800).jpg


IMG_4552 (800x533).jpg


IMG_4553 (800x533).jpg


IMG_4555 (800x533).jpg


IMG_4557 (533x800).jpg


IMG_4558 (533x800).jpg


Sorry about all the photos!


Cheers for looking,


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Hey there! Was about to PM you and find out where you've been! Now I know... Beautiful piece! You never cease to amaize me, love everything about that sword! Your carving is top notch!

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Cool brother! One crit.(You know I have to) the guard is too plain! It distracts from the good form of the piece by not matching the (perfect) work of the rest of the sword... Imho! Great to see your work again, when I'm an old retired f@#* I'll tell people "I saw his first knife!" Make us proud!

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Beautiful work. It looks like there's a kink in the guard, but that's deep in the shadows when you take in the awesome lines of the blade and that wonderfully done handle. I really like how you did the pommel! Very nice stuff.

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Well that does it! Can't stop looking at this! Between you and rob, I've been forced into the desision, it's time to go for a sword! Will start a design tommorow, (wish I had some of your beer to help inspire me! South african beer is all lager, so my only choice is Windhoek draught, from namibia, bearable) could do with a 'John Smiths' about now! Still have to make some carving tools first though!

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