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Bushfire Forge International Symposium of the Axe'n Seax 2014...

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Well its going ahead.....


the 2014 forge in at Bushfire Forge .


After a great time at the Oakland Axe'n sax-in and Arctic fire in 2013 I have decided its time for me to do my bit again, so with no further adoo I present .......



" 2014 International symposium of the axe'n seax"


May 16th, 17th & 18th 2014 to be held at :


BushFire Forge on the Kent /London Border UK


3 Days of demonstrations, lectures and forging etc


Demonstrations and Lectures by:


Peter Johnsson SWEDEN

Jake Powning CANADA

Owen Bush UK


Dr Stefan Meader - SWITZERLAND

Alan Longmire USA

Jim Austin USA

Dave Stephens USA




There will also be a smelt and chances to have a go at forging using the school facilities.


These are friendly international events are a great way to meet some of the worlds best Bladesmiths and tap into a wealth of information that you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere on the planet !




Saturday Evening Party to celebrate Owens 20 years of Forging ! (with mead and beer on me!!)

: Fancy Dress/ Costume party Themed Warriors Through the Ages !!!! (yes that does include pirates and ninjas!!!)



Forge-In Price : £130


(this includes attendance to the 3 day forge-in and food on the Saturday night. Accommodation and your daily food is not included but there is a limited amount of crash space. For details about accommodation please contact us on the email below.)


For more info please


Email: forge-in@owenbush.co.uk

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I am looking forward to this, should be great.

Richard you are most welcome here, I will return your email today.

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want to go... bad... but I think its an either or decision for me... either I buy a powerhammer for my shop finally, or I take a trip to england this year and tour museums, attend events like this one, and do some distillery tours up in scottland... and I think that this is the year of the power hammer for me =(

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i just checked, and it seems that it falls in the same days as my exams are, massive bummer :angry:

just hope that it will be held again another year.

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Oh yes !


I'll do my best to come. It is already in the calendar B)

Only need to choose between the french knifeshow in Thiers and Wickam farm...


Can only be a fantastic weekend !


See ya Owen



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I so want to go but I am already committed heavily in May... and I am broke....so broke.

Matt, if your broke now just wait till you get into that 4B......BUT in the long run it will be a profitable tool.



You plan on any web presence with the event?



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Well, there goes my plan of buying a power hammer this year, LOL! Any reccomendations on affordable hotels?



LOL, opposite of me. I'm doing the power hammer instead of this =) I just hope people take tons of pictures, I'll even host them for you afterwards on my site if people want =D

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Thanks for the input guys..

Power hammer vs forge in wouldn't be a hard one for me as I currently have spare power hammers as yard art.

When I first started it would have been a different situation all together, your first powerhammer is a real joint saver, I wish I had gotten mine a couple of years before i did, 20 years later I am still suffering because I did not


.A good gathering can fire your soul.....show you you are not alone in the world , teach you stuff you did not know, and stuff you really should have known all along. Its really good to bounce ideas, directions , techniques and to shoot the wind. The value of hanging with people in your own craft whilst drinking a beer (or few) can not be over estimated.


I certainly feel a lot more centred in my own version of the craft because I get the chance on a regular yearly basis to share ideas and thoughts and to try on other peoples version of the craft and see if it fits with mine.....

I have had some of the best affirmations of life and craft from gatherings I have had here and the ones I have attend at other places.


Ric , Dave is going to try and capture a lot of it, no live streaming though. (at least I don't think so.....)

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