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Here are 2 cable knives I just finished. The Larger one forged from 1 1/4" cable is 13" long and the small one forged from 3/4" cable is 7 1/2" long.

The large one is aptly named "Butt Kicker" because it is hand forged and that 1 1/4" cable is a beast.

Butt Kicker 022.jpg

Butt Kicker 023.jpg

Butt Kicker 024.jpg

Butt Kicker 025.jpg

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Very Nice Wade! That large one is perfectly named! That is some massive cable!

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Hi Wade


Those are some pretty nice cable blades. I recently forged (by hand) a large chef’s knife from a piece of cable the size of the big one you made and yes indeed, it kicks butt :D Here's some cable knives Tiaan Burger and myself forged two years ago. (and the chef’s knife).





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