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I will be seventy end of March 2014 and have seen a lot in my life...

Blood, fears, happyness, or not!

Also Knives and Art... You can find both in Museums all the Earth around.

Europe and Asia have older cultures and can / may assimilate these two "sides" without any problems. Apparently, USA not !?

As it was said before, the nudity as shown by Tomas and other artists since centuries is Art.

Knives, not so often...

And when I see the knife and the picture from Tomas, I say : " Wow, Knife Art "...

I can't understand the "prudity" as shown here.

The Bladesmith's Forum is for me, more and more a forum for American knifemakers, amateurs and hobbyists with more "criticism" for the expressions of art than the quality of knives...

I repeat : " I can't understand you anymore " !

Much noise for nothing...

Sorry for my poor English... I'm just an old European -_-

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Allow me to express this another way:


If the photo in question were to be found on my computer at work I would lose my job. I do not want to lose my job. I asked Tomas to leave a link instead, he did not. I removed the photo. He left a link later (thank you Tomas!) and that will stay.


Is that fair? No. Am I happy about it? No. It is not right that I have to do such things, and I feel bad about it. I agree that the nude is the oldest and most suitable subject for art, and I do think photography can be art, including the photo in question. I will not, however, risk my job for it.


America is a strange country. I could watch videos of shootings and violence at work and nobody would care (except me, I do not like violence). Yet if an unclothed human form should appear on the screen I am fired. No wonder we're crazy, eh?


Now let's talk about knives...

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Yes, of course, US are a strange country for us.


And, indeed, let's talk about knives...

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Great work Tomas, I had more to say but I suppose this thread is about how you put so much of us to shame with your work, lol. This keeps me trying,,, thanks










edited for spelling

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Beautiful knife as usual. Your work is always some of my favorite...




I usually feel no offense when people bash Americans because I often agree, especially on the prudes, thought police and pusified blithering bed wetters BUT, these over generalizations don't offend me personally because they don't apply to me. I just hope people do see a bit of disrespect woven into the light nature of the digs...from the non Americans that is. Im a shop rat and an Irishman. So the callus on my hands matchs that on my sensitive side.

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