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Wes's post of the Elk King's rack got me thinking about a few other elk pics I have. I get out in the mountains in Washington state a few times a year, as much as I can, and always try to bring back some materials for knives. I get a kick out of using something I gathered and prepared myself, from a place that I love. Here's a few shots of an elk herd in the Bogachiel rain forest last fall. Fall, the rut season, is a great time to go out there because they are quite active. In the first pic is a juvenile male, in the second you can see the big guy. He kept a close eye on me as they retreated into the mist.




Here you see some elk remains that I came across, and then my pack with what I brought home for future use



Bones all cleaned up, I'll let them dry a year or so.


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I love Washington State. I have lived all over, and still Washington is the most gorgeous. I think my favorite is seeing the sun come up close to Mt Rainier. Nothing beats it.


Great pictures Phil. That buck in the second picture is big guy; maybe the Elk King's successor one day :)

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