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Making a Celtic Knife with Trollsky

Matt Todd

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I follow Trollsky on youtube and Facebook. He is good, and posts a lot of how to! Thanks as well for sharing.

Loneforge Blades

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Trollsky's one of the best knifemakers on youtube, very informative and well constructed videos.

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Looks like they are out of Poland:



I would say very good videos, jump cuts, focus transitions,lighting is spot on,music is timed....all very good.



Richard Furrer

Door County Forgeworks

Sturgeon Bay, WI

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nice. I have (about 2 months or so ago) actually messaged Trollsky to try and get him to join this forum.


Maybe someone else should try... he seems like a pretty decent fellow and loves making knives.

please visit my website http://www.professorsforge.com/


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Neato! Great video, and I was curious as to what he was doing with that anvil. Needless to say I did not expect that.

The only thing that has me worried is the point of the knife overhanging his polishing board. Easy way to earn yourself a trip to the emergency room :unsure:

Self-inflicted stab wounds aside, that was great to watch!



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