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Knife for a Marine

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I was contacted by the parents of a Marine to build a knife with a Marine Corps theme. The parents gave me a rasp that the father and son worked with when the Marine was younger and request that I use it for the blade. They also wanted his initials on the sheath and a dyed wood handle and when I sent them pics of this block they were all in. I came up with WW2 hat and lapel pins and used the lapel pins on the handle and my friend KT made the awesome one of kind sheath using the hat pin.

The blade is 6 7/8" from tip to bolster and the total length of the knife is 11 3/4". The handle is dyed and stabilized maple burl.


Any and all comments are welcome.

Rick's Knife 003.jpg

Rick's Knife 008.jpg

Rick's Knife 010.jpg

Ricks Knife 001.jpg

Ricks Knife 002.jpg

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Wade you out did your self on this one. It is a true work of art. I have a soft spot for Marines since my Granddaughter is a Sarg. in the Marines. I cant thank you enough for asking me to be part of this and letting me doing my 2 cents worth. Thanks Wade Terry alias KT

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Very unusual Pink and Marine ? good knife .


Best Regards

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