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First with my name on it. English hewing axe.

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An English style hewing axe. I'm quite pleased with this axe. So much so, it will be the first axe on which I'll stamp my name. The photos tell the story: forged, welded and finished. Well, almost finished, I'm not sure if I'll completely clean and polish it or just put it back in the fire. Alongside the axe are the tools used during forging.

My thanks to John Rigoni for his excellent tutorial.

Photo three and four should be reversed. Tried :-(

Picture 615 Large Web view.jpg

Picture 616 Large Web view.jpg

Picture 618 Large Web view.jpg

Picture 626 Large Web view.jpg

Picture 629 Large Web view.jpg

Edited by Gerald Boggs
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Very nice hot work there Gerald! I agree defiantly worthy of your mark!

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That's fantastic. I've never seen anyone do the preform to that level of perfection. Looks like a piece of art all by itself.


Definitely worth your mark.

Thanks, although I'm not sure I would use the word "perfection" I've got Jim Austin's Axe DVD and used the method he shows. Just instead of fullers, I used a rounding hammer and the anvil horn.

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Nicely done Gerald!

The weld is clean enough I can't tell, did you weld in a bit or is it a single steel wrap?


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Thanks, that's my goal: To be as precise as possible in the forging. In the cause of this one, the edge and sides of the blade were cleaned up with a angle grinder, the lugs and poll as forged. so it's two down, ten more to go

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