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not recieving a KITH piece

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hello, everyone


i participated in the 2013 kith, and i found it very much fun, that is alo why i am participating again.

however, i have never recieved anything myself, and i find that verymuch a pity because i was looking forward to recieving something.


i was supposed to recieve the piece from Luke sorensen


i state here that i do not want to blame anyone, nor am i angry, i just felt that i had to put this out here.


i first thought the piece was maybe taking long to ship or was even lost in doing so.

so i pm'd Luke through this forum,to ask for a tracking number.

i have never had a response, and when looking to find hispersonal e-mail, i found out that Luke has not posted anything, since the Kith of last year.


i state again, that i do not want to blame anyone, and that i do not expect compensation or so, i just wanted to tell the people here on the forum.

although i do hope i do recieve something this year's Kith :D


Pieter-Paul Derks

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That is a bummer Pieter-Paul.

I actually haven't received anything yet either, but Kip has contacted me to let me know what is going on.

(Starting with the spear getting returned to him by the shipper when it was damaged in transit the first time.)


Luke did post his finished project, so hopefully he is just having some similar hick-ups and will get back in touch with you.


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