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Old Axe

Gerald Boggs

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It's a "Coupe Marc" a type of Hay Knife used to cut the "marc" or residue left in a press after the juice has been extracted from the hay during the process of making haylage/silage. They look like axes but are anything but...


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Bingo! Link to the seller's site: http://www.oldworldheirlooms.com/C-1800s-French-Coupe-Marc-Axe-_p_613.html


And here's a description I came across elsewhere: A tool used for the pressing of the grapes. The first pressing is completed when the "cake marc" formed raffles,skins and seeds become too compact to let the remaining juice or wine. After each pressed, must loosen the press, cut and unpack these marks with cut-marks before restarting a new pressing. This was a goggle translation from a french page.


Remarkable how much it looks like the Tower or London Executioner's Axe.

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I have seen these described as peat or hay or silage cutting axes.

I bought one for research and the blade was sub 1mm for a large part of tits length.

some are defiantly hewing axes (like the one in the tower). the long round socket seems to be a very French thing.

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Hi Owen

People might say that, but I don't think it's correct. All the pages I surfed, the "axes" were identified as wine tools.

Here's a couple of links to peat cutting.


Short youtube of peat cutting in Shetland Islands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfzH_WTLulM


The tools used: http://www.pcl-eu.de/virt_ex/detail.php?entry=05


A while ago on ebay, someone was selling one of these as an authenticate French Executioner's Axe. Reportedly, It sold for $500.


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