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Plume SEAX


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Hi all,

here another SEAX i make 2 jears ago :


The Blade its made from Damascus 1080 / 15N20. 32cm long, 3.5cm large and 5mm thick.
The Sheath of plum wood with a bit off carving. Deer antler fittings.
A Handle of deer antler with brass fitting.
Thanks for looking
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Very nice, love the sheath!

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That surface manipulation must of taken you a great deal of time...That is a very well done piece of steel...Te reswt is pretty spiffy too but that blade..that is a patern you just don't see very often...



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Nice! I love how the carving looks more alive as it trails down the sheath

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Great Work! The carving is amazing on the sheath and handle and the patern in the blade is something I have never seen before!

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