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Gundabad Beard Hacker

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With blades being made for dwarves and elves and such around here I thought it was time to make something for the other side.

This is secondary blade for a Gundabad orc.... made for hacking the beards from their mortal foes! :angry:


17" OAL, 12" blade. 1095 of 3/16" thickness. Handle of bog oak slabs, copper pins and washers, mild steel bolster, 1095 nagel. All steel hot-browned. You will notice that I was working from a basic bauernwehr design adding a little more savagery to the profile, I thought. Pretty much a flat grind. Balances about an inch in front of the bolster. Very light and fast .... hide your beards!












Here is the first nagel I made for it, the Eye, based on John Howe design.



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What a beast Phil! That looks great.
I much prefer the orcs to the elves. Savagery is more entertaining by far! No choppy the beard. I have a years worth of growth on this guy.

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Nice work! Any orc would be proud eviscerate some elves, mangle some manlings, hack a hobbit, or even chop down and ent with that blade!

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good work. I love the basic theme, and the historic touches. just too cool!

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Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it. The browning was a real PITA and in the end after a dozen or so rounds of baking, acid dousing, and production of mustard gas or whatever toxic fumes those were, I called it quits, in spite of some irregular patches and such. Was interesting how the carbon steel parts took to the browning much better than did the mild steel (just the bolster sides and rivets were mild).

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