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Wootz in Europe, soon?

Klaas remmen

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Hi everyone


It has been a while for me to get on this forum, but it fills my heart with joy that it's so lively :-)

Good to read that so much people I learned a lot from are still here.


I was wondering if there are people from my region of Europe (or other places in the world) who would be interested in a get- togheter to do a weekend or so smelting and forging Wootz/bulat? I live in Belgium (antwerp area) and have a nice workshop in which it could take place... we could plan a smelting and forging day (days) and some discussion moments and metallographical study of results?


would anyone be interested?


all the best



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I would be :)

I live in Temse and my workshop is in Antwerp as well, but that's not really accommodated for smelting

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