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10'' subhilt bowie knife, bocote

John C. Lewicki

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Hello everyone, I have been a little busy with shop work and work work, that i havent really been contributing. so heres a bit of what I have been working on. the first is a large bowie with a ten inch blade, the rest are medium to smaller knives. If anyone wants specifics, feel free to let me know.




thanks for looking,



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Now that's my favorite!!! Nice going Johnny!

To become old and wise... You first have to survive being young and foolish! ;) Ikisu.blogsot.com. Email; milesikisu@gmail.com mobile: +27784653651

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I dont mind the hand stitching, gives me time to watch documentaries on youtube i wouldnt normally have time to. I would like a machine for little stuff maybe, but i hear so many mixed reviews when it comes to sewing thick leather with a machine. we just need to luck out and find a goliath of an old shoe stiching machine.

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