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Site update: metalwork bronze age up to recent

Jeroen Zuiderwijk

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I've done a long overdue update of one of my websites to display my bronze age, iron age, early medieval, viking period and history inspired contemporary creations: http://1501bc.com/metalworking/


I hope to at some point further professionalise my site, and make a combination with my older work (http://1501bc.com/nf_main_eng.html ), which will be more personal then just a display of work. But I have to get my head around to figure how yet.


Jeroen Zuiderwijk

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barbarianmetalworking

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Awesome stuff, Jeroen.

I love your little smelter. :)

Mark Green


I have a way? Is that better then a plan?

(cptn. Mal)

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