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Philip West

problems using photobucket

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Hi guys, I was going to post some stuff but for some reason when I try to paste the photobucket image code to my post it wont apply it? Does anyone know if something has changed and how do I fix it? thanks for your time.

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Select the pic on photobucket and then click on links and select the IMG Code and paste to the forum!




And if everything went right, you should be seeing a collection of working knives that belonged to my wife's Grandfather. He was part Creek Indian and back when everything was still open range here in NW Florida, he raised cattle and hogs. Once a year they had a rounded up the livestock and branded the new livestock and butchered some for the winter. Butchering time was a community affair thus his knives had initials carved into most of them so at the end of the day he got his back!


Any way that is all there is too posting a pic from photobucket. You just can't move the photo in photobucket after it is posted or it disappears in the post! Hope that helps!

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