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Steinvik Inspired Reproduction

J. Helmes

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I wanted to share a sword I have been working on lately. This is an inspired reproduction on the Steinvik sword. It has been a dream of
mine to reproduce this sword since the day I first saw it and I am grateful for the opportunity. The repro varies from the original
somewhat as I was given very direct instructions and measurements by my client. The width and length vary slightly from the original as does the lack of silver inlay. The measurment changes have made for a very pleasant feeling sword in balance and weight. The POB is 12 cm from cross and the weight is almost exactly 2 lbs 8 oz. . OAL is 92 cm.





If anyone is interested there are more shots on my facebook work page.




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that is awesome. I showed it to my fiance', who doesn't really care about most bladesmithing (unless I do it, of course). She immediately recognized the quality. you are on top of your game (even if it doesn't seem like it when you have to fix several things while working on them). I love this sword.


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Great work Jeff!

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Killer work! I love all the little motifs around the guard and pommel, a wee lively bunch they are :lol:
An excellent take on an interesting artefact!



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Thanks for posting this. Very nicely done! It would be great to see some closeup pictures of the pommel and in progress pictures in general.


How is the balance? It does not seem like there is a lot of taper in the blade.



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What a beauty Jeff. If your client isn't jumping with excitement yet, then he has issues.

Edited by Wes Detrick

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Dang, another great one from you! I can't discover anything that I would label as a flaw. Keep us amused with your work!

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Yes, awe inspiring is right...

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This is just incredible work. Your last 3-4 pieces I have seen have just blown me away but this one all the more. This is the work I want to be able to do and be doing. I am so glad someone out there is doing this even if it isn't me!


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