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Worlds smallest workshop - my new playground

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My workshop so far has been a converted garage
with no chimney, so no indoor forge. I finally got tired of digging
out the forge and having to move it outside and re-establish my
work area every time I wanted to do some hot work. I got hold of a
large crate from work, and turned it into a mini workshop.


The anvil, vice and hammers goes back into the
garage when not in use, and the side and top goes back on the crate
to protect against the weather.


How does the rest of you get around lack of space?


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Smush in tools wherever you can fit them. I've only got a fairly small table workspace, besides the anvil, so I stuff all my handle material into one large box underneath.

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I really like that for its simplicity.

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Pretty cool man. My work space is pretty smell too. Seems like everyone is down sizing, I live in a house that is 186 square feet. If you can make a power hammer or hydraulic press with wheels and a belt grinder on a cart with wheels you will have the perfect mobile shop

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Ahhhhhhhhh I love it!!!! If there was a cat, it would be internet famous because it's pretty much adorable. I also love your artistic inclusion of the wine glass and umbrella from the original crate.


But also a prediction: many, many tiny fires to stamp out! As if that's not fun. Are you going to build a roof for rainy days?


This is just the most awesome kind of ingenuity. Good work Jeppe!

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I love it..the next time they throw a rolling office chair out grab it and put it in...you may have to lower the vise and add a flat surface at the entrance. You may extending the tiny house movement into the blade smithing world.


During one of our frequent winter power outages, I was doing some file work in the vise...I ran up to the house grabbed a headlamp and continued working...to my surprise not only was I working in the "zone" as I often do.This time I was only able to see the vise , the work and the file/hands...it was wonderful, relaxing ...... I may be connecting unrelated work environments but somehow your post made me connect them regardless.

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I don't see a problem. My experience is that organization is key and moving things in/out will limit your usage. I would mount the top on hinges and leave everything set up and ready to go. Then you could go out whenever you have a few minutes and work to your heart's content. When you finish for the day go inside, then come out in an hour or so and swing the top back closed, snap you padlock and you are done. You could also then use the bottom of the top for storage with the addidion of some cool blacksmith hooks and a bungee cord or two.

If you find yourself waiting for the forge you may want to give propane a couple thoughts. They heat up pretty quick and cool quick, too.

You have a smacker, a place to smack on and some heat, and something to prevent burning your fingers. Looks pretty usable to me.

One of my main goals in a shop is how quickly I can start and stop work. Years ago I had only wood heat in the shop and most nights after work by the time it was warm enough to work out there it was bedtime.

Just my .02.


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Very unique. Great idea.


You should wheels on one end and long, detachable handles on the other and make it fully portable.


Do you keep it covered when not in use?

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I have kept the lid for the box.

2014-03-17 08.10.32.jpg


I do realize one flaw with the design. My forge is charcoal/coal and will be very hot when I finish work. The lid is only 10cm above the forge so I can't close up until it has cooled down.


I will have to get another box to put on top, and it will then be a shed.

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So, I did the first work in the box this evening.

The forge is fast, gets ready in less than 10 minutes. Only downside is it can only

heat about 8 cm, so largest object is 16 cm. Still ok for a blade :) .

First up was a new pair of tongs.





I will need for weld the handles on.

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