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Introducing the Warthog

Josh A Weston

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This is a beautiful knife. Coming into the circuit from Charleston, SC this knife weighs in with a 3.5" blade and 7.25" overall with a 1084 steel blade with a warthog snout notch, iron fittings and deer leg bone handle. The hardware lines up nicely together for a snug, tight fit. The filled handle gives the overall balance a nice hefty feel. It’s packed with warthog stabbing power.

This will be for sale this weekend at the Battle of Charleston Reenactment this weekend. I will be in the Blacksmith area where we will have live demonstrations going on and fulfilling custom orders on the spot.

It was a blast making this one although there were some tricky aspects. I had to fill the inside to fit the blade securely. No problem, enter wood filler epoxy. The blade is secured three ways, 1) Filler epoxies, 2) Solder and 3) Tang peening. This knife build came together quite a bit easier than some of my other projects (I must be getting better... I hope that's what that means).





Check out the full set of final shots here: http://rashystreakers.tumblr.com/tagged/warthog%20knife

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Cool knife, love the bone handle. How sturdy is this wood filler epoxy? I've used "marine" epoxy putty for similar purposes, like this stuff:




Wondering about how these products compare for workability and end results

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I'm not sure how sturdy it is, but I'm hoping it doesn't matter too much. I left a .75" empty space at either end to fill with the higher end JB weld epoxy with 2600psi. I just didn't want to fill the full gap with the more expensive putty. Then I used liquid epoxy covering everything inside for the final assembly so it should be okay. I don't think I would ever rely on the wood filler epoxy to hold a knife together on it's own though. I was okay as a void filler but that's it.

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I love everything about that one... well done man.

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Great job! Real pretty piece, try use good old resin as a filler, I use it on my horn handles, you can add powdered granite to add weight if needed, wood dust to keep it light, and as it's a liquid it gets in everywhere!

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