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Punch Knife with Ivory Micarta scales. One of my nicer ones

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Hi All,

Had some time this week so I made a Push knife out of some
3/16ths 1095 and some Ivory Micarta.

The Specifications:

Steel: 3/16ths
1095 hardened and triple tempered to a solid Rockwell 60

Overall Length: 4

Top Cutting edge: 1.75 inches in front of the choil

Bottom Cutting edge: 1 7/8th inches in front
of the choil

Blade length in front of the scales: 2.75 inches

Scales: 3/16ths Ivory Micarta to 1200 grit then polished

Pins: 3/16ths 416 stainless

Overall depth of the handle: .75 inches

Mirror finish on the blades extremely comfortable and
solid in the hand.

Price is $75.00 plus $7.50 for USPS Priority shipping
comes with a pouch to store it in. If you want a custom neck, belt or behind
the back Kydex sheath they are another $15.00 or get creative and make a sheath
yourself. Paypal is preferred.

Thanks for looking, Ken












If you need more pictures let me know. Thanks for looking,

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