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Oxy Torch Broke My Project then Made Knew

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Hey everyone,

    It's been a while since I posted some finished work and for those of you who remember my post about tempering with an oxy torch and how I ended up snapping the blade while trying to straiten it I thought I should show what I was able to make from the broken blade.


    I am very happy with this knife and I will be making a kydex sheath to go with it so it can be my EDC from now on.


The blade is very sharp and holds an edge very well. It was forged from file steel and has a mild steel guard. The wood is curly maple and cocobolo with a white spacer. The pins are mild steel welding rod.


Let me know what you think.





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Nice handle there Dave, it came out cool!

I only temper in an oven, a torch is too risky, especialy if you need to straighten it!

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Thanks Martin and Miles!


Yeah this was my lesson blade because I had always oven tembered before and I tried the Oxy on this blade so now I know how risky it is! It's a real bummer after spending 4 hours hand finishing a blade to have it snap because it didn't tember right with an oxy torch.

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Thanks KT! Thanks Eddie!

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