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tang dimesions?


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Just wondering what minimum dimensions (thickness/length?) you guys stick to when making hidden/partial tang knives?


I'm pre-drilling and cleaning out the tang holes with a small rasp before burning-in the tang but that's only as far as a standard drill bit can reach (about three inches). The last couple of extra inches of tang hole are tough to burn in cause theyre not pre-drilled. I eventually get it by repeated burning in but I think I'm weakening the handle material by exposing it to too much heat. How do you guys do it?

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I drill from both sides but I like the screw together construction, and then I fill it with epoxy. How long are your handles? 3 inches for a 4 inch handle is plenty.


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As a general rule, a hidden tang should be at least 2/3 the length of the handle. I make my hidden tangs as wide as I can get away with, slightly tapered in all dimensions. When in doubt, overbuild... :D


If the tang does not pass completely through the length of the handle, it is a really good idea to pin it.... never just trust the epoxy to hold it together.


I've never burned in a tang, never trusted the method enough not to damage the handle material. I expect the heat could have a detrimental effect on most of the materials I use.

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I like to cram as much metal as possible into the grip. Since this tends to leave the wood pretty thin in spots, I make sure the hole is well filled and reinforced with JB Weld epoxy. Never had a grip or tang fail on me.

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