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This was forged a while back and was once several inches longer. As you can guess, the distal part of the blade cracked. I was going to scrap it but thought it might be remade into something small that I could easily complete. Ha! That was about 2 years ago...! But needless to say I found the time and here it is:








1075, ebony, copper and mild steel.

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I have two like that, they do good work as craft knives in My shop!!! ( Don't have a pretty hamon though!!!!) Very usefull little blade!

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Thanks all around!


Isaac - the guard is just mild steel that was rusted then carded back a bit. I was worried to shape the piece then rust it, as I was afraid it would take away enough material to alter the fit, but it worked out okay. Also in honesty, I was trying for a much blacker look overall, but such finishes are way too new (to me) and experimental for me to have the kind of control that I'd like...



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