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My first Tanto -WIP

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I don't have any of pics of the blade work, but it was just stock removal anyway. It's 1095 that started out at 12"x 1.5"x .1875" thick. I used furnace cement for the clay quench.





I made the habaki out of a plumbing fitting. I had a pretty hard time fitting it to the blade, but It was my fault in not shaping the nakago correctly. Not sure if I should file a nice finish on it or leave it.






I forged the tsuba out of a stack of roughly 15 nickels. It has some delamination around the edges, but it's not falling apart yet...

I ground a HSS lathe blank I had into a graver and tried my hand at engraving, I guess I should have worn my glasses, couldn't make a straight line to save my life and ended up ruining my original plan. The piece of low carbon steel I practiced on was much easier.




I've made tons of mistakes during this build, but I've learned from all of them.

Now it's time to try to not screw up making a tsuka and saya. :mellow:


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Thanks guys, this one is really teaching me some patience.


Matt, the habaki took the longest. I'm thinking about making another tsuba, not real happy how this one turned out.

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