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Roman Fulham Gladius (bloomery and hearth steel)

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Hey Guys this is one of my first posts and my first show and tell on this website.



I am not doing a reproduction of an archeological find but a sword of my own design following strict guidelines of style that the Romans used. I understand some of you will have different ideas of what "historical accuracy" is but this fulfills my own idea and here is my reasoning through the description.

The blade is probably the most accurate part. It is made from bloomery and hearth steel me and my friend Jeff Pringle made from ore and recycled wrought iron exactly as the Romans did. I folded layers of the bloomery iron and hearth steel together and forge welded more steel around the edge. This "piling" is precisely how most roman swords were made. It also leave a beautiful and subtle pattern showing off the many layers of forged steel, in total about 800. I estimate the carbon in the steel to be around 0.5% which is historically correct. Right by the hilt I inlaid a star and moon which is my blacksmithing touchmark and a common Roman motif. The moon is silver and the star is bronze.

The hilt is made entirely of antler and held together by a resin and the peening of the tang. The glue I used to hold this together was made with pine pitch and beeswax just as the Romans did. The bolster, pommel cap and ring are made of bronze.

I made the scabbard out of wood and riveted a bronze jacket to the surface. It is chased and reposed with different scenes I created, however all the images themselves are taken from Roman mosaics or other artwork. The baldric is made of veg tanned leather. The buckle and rings on the scabbard are tinned brass and copper. The chape is carved antler with Mars under a crescent moon and star. All of the rivets are silver.

This sword is for sale, and the current asking price is $3000. I am also available for similar custom work so feel free to PM me or check out my website.









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Welcome Jack! Nice work, that steel does look pretty, and your scabbard is cool!

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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I agree with everyone else. That is beautiful, and a great start on the forum.


You may want to relist the sword in the "for sale" section (and maybe take the for sale info out of the Show and Tell post other than to put a link from Show and Tell to the For Sale thread). I think your chances are better if you list it there.


that is a serious set. The best gladius I have seen in years.


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I'm not a gladius person, but that is downright amazing! Nice job, I'm exited to see more.

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Having seen this progress, knowing how much time and work and practice and skill has gone into it, does nothing to stop me from being utterly blown away. The detail is unparalleled. Peter said that the character is spot on. He's right, it's alive. Jesus is right too, there's just something so authentic in the grain and its orientation that just says "original" and not "reproduction".


You did this, man. Word.

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