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A 12" integral hamon bowie... kinda crazy...

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Up for sale is my newest bowie knife. I make maybe one bowie a year or so- I am not always drawn to the form, but I enjoy it when it happens.
I tried to put some kinda radical lines into this one- similar in a way to some Lurquin or even Axelson lines but a little less overtly masculine. Make no mistake, it’s a dude, but more of a wolf than a bear… if that makes sense. There’s a little bit of kopesh/kopis in it as well.

So, the blade is forged of W2 with a hamon. An integral bolster becomes a hidden tang that passes through the coined copper spacers and stainless file-bordered guard, and into a one-piece tapered frame handle made to simulate a continuation of the integral bolster. Think “faux tapered-tang integral.” The scales have a tapered mortise milled into the inside, to allow a tang of full thickness through its length.

All three pins pass through the tang- and the scales are held on as well by hidden pins inside the frame. The handle wood is “Insanity” dyed burl, a gift to me from Mr. Bill Akers. The handle frame is forged of mild steel.

A long sweeping main grind (I thought of it as a “shinogi” when grinding this) flows along the recurve section of the forte, blending into the flat and paralleling a harpoon clip to the point. For once, a hamon pretty nearly did exactly what I wanted in terms of shape and layout, giving me some bonus activity as well… the long saw-tooth gunome along the clip made me quite happy upon finishing it out. The blade is hand sanded to 1000, then hybrid polished.

Specs are as follows:
Overall length: 17”
Blade, tip to bolster: 12”
Blade width at heel: 1-1/2”
Spine thickness at bolster: .210”
Total weight: 16-1/4 oz.

I am asking $1200 for this knife, shipped insured within the US. Please inquire for international rates.
This knife does not include a sheath.

Enough yakking, here’s 24 pics and a vid with meandering narrative! Enjoy! Thanks for looking.


I make knives to the best of my ability and knowledge. I research to find the best materials and methods to use, in order to provide the very best product, in terms of value, durability, performance, and aesthetics. Should you find a knife you have bought from me to be lacking in any of these respects, you may ship it back to me at my expense for a full money-back return.
Should a knife purchased from me fail in materials or workmanship, please ship it back to me at my own expense for your money back in full, or repairs at no cost. It’s your choice.
I will sharpen any of my knives at no cost; however I do ask that you pay for shipping costs for this service.

I am always pleased to hear from any of my customers, past, repeat, potential, or otherwise. Please go to my web site, see "Contact Me" and give me a call. If you have any questions regarding these policies, I'd like to hear them.
Salem Straub
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Since edit ain't working for me right now, I'm adding it here-

$50 off the asking price, for anyone who has me ship it to Paul Long (and pays him to make pants for it.) I'd like to see what he'd do with it...

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WAOOO!!! Absolutly wonderful to me... I love it... not so far from Sparta... A killer! ;)



Hey I resemble that remark ! LOL

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Glad you like it guys! So, it's not a bowie to Geoff, it's a fantasy bowie to Miles, Spart-ish to Franck, otherworldly to George, a falcata to Caleb, and a chowie to Eddie…
Hey, no problem! Call it what you like…
It's still a bowie to me!
I kinda do like "chowie" though...

Edited by Salem Straub
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This knife is now SOLD. Thanks everyone for looking! Stay tuned.

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