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To all my blade smiths friends in Europe

On May 1 I will be starting a trip from New Zealand to Europe, I have

nearly 2 months time to travel around Europe and hope to meet some of you.

After arriving in Amsterdam on May 2 I will be traveling the next morning

to Solingen, Germany for the Messer
Macher Messe (Knife Makers Fair) where am going to
have a good look around , I won’t be displaying.

On May 10 & 11 I hope to be at a hammer in Ostiches, Belgium.

And on May 16,17 & 18 I will be at the " 2014 International symposium of the axe'n seax"


I am SO looking

forward to this since here in New Zealand there are not many of us blade smiths.

The rest of the time I will be traveling around Europe and hoping to

meet some of you and see your work and workshops, if you are keen to meet up
please send me a message on my lists are, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czech
Republic, Austria? France and if time allows Spain.

Hoping to meet some of you soon


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Hell! Sorry, I'll miss you Richard! (Unless I win the lotto!) Send the forum a post card! Have a great time!


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