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Tate Roth

Pine Ridge ribbon burner for sale or trade

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I purchased one of these burners a while ago for a project that has never gelled, so instead of letting it sit on a shelf doing nothing, I thought I would post it here to see if anyone wanted to either buy it or trade for it. This is the 4 x 8 burner with a mixer. Retail for both is $275. These are new and never used, but I'm asking $175 shipped or a trade. I would be interested in a mess of eips cable or if anyone has an extra 1 phase to 3 phase 3hp vfd like a fm50 I could use for my grinder, or anything generally interesting to a knifemaker.

Attached are some pictures of the burner and mixer. Here is also a link if you want to check them out.










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Tate, where are you located in the Twin Cities. I am in Eagan (an a member of the Guild, which I believe you are also :-) and would be interested. Is the the LP or GH series... I have a blower that would wrok nice and 3/4" natural gas line running to the smithy. Lots of steel, exotic wood handle materials and other goodies that a knife maker would be interested in... OTOH $175 is very reasonable. If you have a Guild directory my numbers should be listed. Going to be out and about today so the cell is probably the best bet.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dan Kaschner

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You might want to PM Tate. He was last here Nov 2017.

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