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Buck Hedges

Knives by Cliff Morris and Mac Hedges

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My family came up this weekend, and my Dad, who is also a beginning bladesmith, showed me some pictures of the knives and sheaths he and Cliff Morris (our mentor) had made. Cliff is a professional who lives near my Dad and the two of them spend a lot of time in Cliff's shop. Keeps them out of Mom's hair, I guess.


I don't know much about the steel, except there is no stainless involved. You never even mention 'stainless' around Cliff. Ever. Mac Hedges (my Dad) did the leatherwork.


















This one is my favorite sheath:









Pics were taken with a cell phone. Not the greatest quality, and I'd like to see some more of the blades themselves.


And a shameless plug: this Mac Hedges is the same one who wrote Last Buckaroo and Shadow of the Wind.

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No problem. I just wish I had more pictures of the knives as well.

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