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Just to keep the interest up, this can be yours for one dollar if you're lucky at iron in the hat:


attachicon.gifspike 1.jpg


attachicon.gifspike 2.jpg





I'm sorry. That was my inside voice. I am never that lucky at the Iron In The Hat, though, and while I usually pull a couple nice things like wood or steel, I've never won a fine finished piece before, and I'm still giddy as I look at it in a place of honor on the wall of my home office.


Thank you, Alan, for putting it up in the first place, and to everyone who made it a great weekend despite the rain, somewhat unorganized demo schedule, and not enough cokes in the cooler.

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Remind me to get more tickets for the iron in the hat next year if Chris is around.

It was a slightly damp good time. Great to see everyone there.


These are a couple pics from Alan's spiked axe demo.



Alan talking with Wayne. Wayne's forge using a ribbon burner performed beautifully through the weekend.



Alan pensively contemplating the progress forging on his axe while Chris and George watch carefully.



Torrential downpour.

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Great to see everyone again! It was an excellent hammer-in, as always. Kind of bummed it's over sitting here at my work desk.


See you all again next year. If not sooner.



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Torrential indeed! About that time I was standing in a half-inch of running water amidst electrical cords. :o Rain was blowing sideways through the covered area. I choose to blame the extra humidity for my weld failures, but it wouldn't be an Alan demo if I didn't screw something up. ;)


Here's a few of my pics.


Bowie's overview.jpg


The scene from Chris's popup shelter on Friday. It was raining inside...


The real reason some of us go is to drool over authentic antique bowies:







and to hear Mark Zalesky talk about them.






Note Chris being all giddy to hold the same model Bowie owned by John Wilkes Booth.


Chris with Booth 1.jpg


And of course, the friendship after hours.


Chris and Jesus model T.jpg


That's Chris and Jesus playing with my father's 1924 Model T Ford touring car.


It was a fun, if execrably wet, weekend.

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had a great time this weekend learning, talking, and being inspired to continue forward in this craft. more pictures on my flickr







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