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Japanese Ono (hatchet)

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This is the kind of thing that fits into this forum I think..


I've been working on my blacksmithing skills trying to get a better handle on the foundation work and this was something I've wanted to try.
The profile was cleaned up on the grinder but the sides are as forged and boy it was hard to keep that tapered hole from drifting (pun intednded haha) to one side. I had to make up the drifts and that alone was a task, considering I'm trying to figure this out from youtube videos. I probably should've made 3 drifts as you can see that the hole got a little elongated. It only goes down about 1/4" like that though.
The body is 4140, left over from an anvil top anvil and hammer I made. Starting from a piece of 2 1/2" round you can imagine the amount of forging it took to get to this shape. I forge welded in a bit made of 1095 and the handle is white oak (grain oriented properly). It works quite well and feels pretty good. I'm still trying to figure out if the design has much in the way of merits over a more traditional head other than looking cool..:cool: (as a general use hatchet other than for it's original intended purpose, that is)
You can make out the forge welding in the second pic.
It weighs in a 828g or 1lb 13oz.
Thanks for looking.
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Good job!

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Thanks all. It handles pretty well. It's great around a fire for splitting and such. For chopping I'm going to have to add a turk's head though as with the weight and the shape of the handle, I need a bit more of a stop at the end.

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very slick! one of my favorite shapes...if you need some more practice, i may have use for one of those someday... オカエリ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

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