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Something Different

Robert Burns

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As the title suggests this knife was something different for me and my first time working with carbon fiber. The customer approached me about wanting a larger camp knife with out the extra weight and without decreasing performance so I came up with this. The spine is 1/4 in thick (as per customers request) and has a tapered full tang that reduces to slightly under 1/8 inch. The tang was also skeletonized by drilling out holes throughout and then hollow grinding the tang to further reduce weight. The knife was also given a high flat grind to also decrease weight. The steel is Aldo's 1084 and I clayed it to achieve a hamon. The customer requested that I place the flint striker notch on the blade its self as opposed to on the ricasso or another area. Because the temper was going to be effected anyway I only hardened the blade up to the striker notch.


The final weight of the knife came to 7.5 ounces which for a 1/4 inch thick spine and 12 inch long knife I think is not too bad. It could have been made lighter but I think this will do the task.


As always thank you for looking and all comments, questions, and critiques welcome.





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Camp knife? In africa we'd call it a survival knife, allrounder comes to mind! Looks like it can do everything!!! Cool work, nice design...

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I like it.
How is the balance?

“If you trust in yourself. . . believe in your dreams. . . and follow your star. . . you will still get beaten by the people who have spent their time working hard and learning things, the people who weren't so lazy.” ~ Terry Pratchett


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Thanks for the comments everyone, Collin the balance point it about 1 1/2 inches forward of the end of the scale material so very comfortable for chopping and other cutting tasks.

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