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One for the blade show

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I could not resist the lines of the over lap on the edge of this billet.

This is a small knife, only 9" Oal

Damascus blade hand carved

Elk brow tine for the handle and the lanyard bead

Heat colored bronze guard.

It will go in an open spine sheath if I ever get to my leather work. :( KT you want to do some charity work. :rolleyes:

Thanks for looking!!!


P.S I beat the crap out of this blade to make sure there wasn't a cold shut in the middle. She's solid and sharp!!!



Drogon slayer II 001.JPG

Drogon slayer II 002.JPG

Drogon slayer II 003.JPG

Drogon slayer II 004.JPG

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Gorgeous! Some really wild things going on here, and I love them all!



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Nice! Your work is just getting cooler and cooler, Kip.

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I tell you what Kip, you have some of the most unique knives on here, and you sure do execute well. Good looking knife!

Thanks Wes,!!!

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Your creative genes have been working overtime. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks Wade!!!

The one I am working on now has you and Terry on my mind!!

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Outstanding!! Wow what a great piece!

Thanks Eddie!! Are you coming over for the show in Atl?

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