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John Smith

1060 Hira-Zukuri Tanto

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Hey Ho folks I am putting up for sale a Tanto i just recently finished, The blade is made from 1060/1065 it was test piece of steel I got from a distributor.


The Nagasa is 9 1/2"

the Motohaba or Width is 1 1/8"

The Thickness at then Mune-Machi is 1/4" tapering to a nice point

The Hamon is a Suguha Hotsure, I also preformed Mune-Yakiire which means Hamon on the spine

Sori about an 1/8" to 1/4" give or take


There is Ashi Activity though it formed differently for me this time as I am not unhappy with it, it is just different.


The Habaki is all one piece as that is the only way I do Habaki these days a little more work but worth it in the long run.


The polish is an Art Polish for this blade.


I am asking $500 for the blade with Habaki, I accept PayPal










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nice piece. single piece habaki? how do you do that? also curious about "preformed muneyaki?" how and why?

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I was not actually sure how to spell the word, and thanks for the compliment on the blade. The habaki starts as a single block of 1" x 1/2" x 1 1/18" I then drill out the core which is smaller then what I want and then use files and metal chisels along with pressure fitting it, to make the final fit and it is perfect if done right, The habaki will not fit another blade unless forced to.


As for the Muneyaki I have always done that style, save for a few commission pieces. Kind of a trade mark for me, and if done right will produce a beautiful effect on the mune. The steel did not react to the quench like my W-2 does, I mean it gave me what I expected but I am used to my bold stand out hamons.


The how part is, do not completely cover the mune with clay and leaving spots open, though be prepared for the sori to do it own thing you might end up with no sori gain and possibly with some loss, I have had a few actually gain a 1/4" extra sori but the blade was longer and thicker.

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