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Much stuff for sale

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PM for some wrought iron sent.

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George Brackett

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Hialeah, Florida

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To All,

The W2, and the wrought iron anchor chain are all gone. I want to thank everyone who bought anything from me. And I want to apologize to anyone who was late, and couldn't get what they wanted. This was a big help. As time allows, I will be putting up other things, that I think I can ship. I have little stash's around the shop of different types of steel, and other little goodies, like Japanese hammers and such. As I get time to go thru everything, I'll be posting more. Thank you all.


Tony G

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Hey Guarnera

I am also in Lancaster, my buddy is buying things for his start up knife making venture. He lives in Valencia. Do you have files or grinders or any thing that you think he might need?

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