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I bougth a really old beat up stake anvil...

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I bought this old anvil for 25 EUR (about 35$). It weighs about 120 lbs so it is just about portable which is important for me since I live in an apartment and have no workshop. It is not exactly in a great shape but it has no cracks in it and it has a very nice ring when struck. I imagine it will be good for forging a knife or two since it still has two flat areas on it. The only thing left to do is to find a large enough tree stump to mount it on. Can I do anything to improve its condition beside using a wire brush to get the bulk of the rust off on the cheap and with limited tools? I do have an angle grinder and some flap discs but I'm afraid I'll damage it some more.








View from the other side:






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Just do the minimum, only what u have to do. Use the flap wheel to clean it up, then flatten down the bulges on the side, then radius the edges. Run a square down it...or a steel ruler, to see if there are any saddles in the top. Go slow and don't heat the metal up to high.

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I would just use it as is. The working will clean it up a lot. I know we always want to clean/polish new things but the work marks just give this tool's history. I would have bought it too. Don't ruin the marks from it's life before you!


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I'm with Dave. Use it for a while and see how it works. You may fins that there aren't any things on it that give you trouble. Then, if there is a spot you can't live with, fix that. Less is more, here. This piece is probably 150-200 years old, respect it for what it tells you about it's life. Nice find.



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