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Elven Style Dagger


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This is kind of a fantasy style dagger that I put together over the past few months. I based the design off of the elven daggers found in Skyrim, but I also drew a lot of inspiration from the weapons found in the Jackson rendition of LOtR. This is probably one of the most put together blades that I've ever produced, and I wanted to show it off. I sold this to a family member for $170, which is a little less than I wanted but what I offered because he was family. Blade is 7 1/4", 13 1/2" OAL, 1/8" thick. It's just shy of 2" wide at the base of the blade. The blade was made from an old masonry saw blade that I picked up at a hammerin about 4 years ago. I treated it like 1085, and that worked pretty well. The handle is made from recycled cherry flooring, and the bolsters from cultured marble from an old countertop. The pins are all 1/8" brass.




Matthew Dempsey
Archangel Blades
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An interesting bit of work there, quite an unusal shape! I think I'd have considered $170 a bargain...I do enjoy 'fantasy' inspired knives! (I'm not big on historical pieces) it's hard to come up with something origional, but I reckon you pulled this one off perfectly

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