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Some museum blades

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thank you for that. I loved the folding knife and the bauernwehr the most.


Here is a link to a LOT of pictures of items behind glass at the British Museum and the Wallace Collection. If you have never been, or you want a reminder, you may enjoy these. I didn't have the time or connections to truly handle. These are just crappy pics through glass with a cell phone (makes you wanna see them, doesn't it).






I realize not everyone does facebook, but it is actually easier to put photos there than photobucket. If you follow this link you will find about 180 pics from the Wallace Collection.



This will give you a similar set from the British Museum.


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Are these artifacts from The city of Prague museum?

I believe I remember those awesome axes. ;)

Do you by any chance have more photo's from this museum?

When I was there last year I fell in love with a huge lance/spearhead in this museum, but of course I forgot to take a picture, and haven't been able to find pictures of this spear online.


I would highly recommend this museum to anyone interest in ironwork.

next to having some cool arms and armour they also have a fantastic collection of decorative ironwork, including complex locks and suberb renaiccance gates.

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I do believe that is the one, thank you very much!


I really like spears, often they are as pretty en well made as the swords.

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