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Sword Bayonet Questions

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Mods, please feel free to move this where appropriate.


About 25 years ago, I picked this up in a pawn shop in Columbus Indiana, as a Christmas present for my brother. The owner knew diddily about it, and I know about as much.


I finally got around to taking some measurements of it, and taking some pictures.


The measurements are thus:

  • Overall length: 20 7/16"
  • Blade length: 15 3/4"
  • Blade width: 1"
  • Spine" Just over 3/16"

Based on the age and the lack of rust, I'm guessing the blade is some variety of stainless. The scales on the handle are aluminum. Pommel and guard are steel. Whether they were blued at one time or just dark with age, I'm not sure.


The inscription on the blade reads:






Based on that, all I can say is that it's a German bayonet, but from what era, and what rifle it went on, I have no idea.


Can anyone tell me more?






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