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GORGON-225 Blades back from stone wash.

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225 GORGON blades back from stone wash. Etching logo & sharpening right now. Frames are cut, turning the stop pins, etc.

This first group will be laser etched on the frame : GORGON-First Edition Only these 225 will be so designated, never again.

The retail will be $500.00 plus. I will honor the $450.00 for the first folk that has been waiting patiently. We are a couple weeks out to finish and ship, but on it hard.



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Wow, that a lot of blades. Good luck on the sales, hope you sell them all.


R.H. Stone wash is a method similar to a media tumbler. The blades are put into cylinder with fine stones and water then spun to give the blade a dull finish

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So not really any handwork to make these at all then, other than assembly.

To bad, I thought the blade in a previous post was cool in any case.


So folks can really get 500 a crank for mass produced folders these days?

That amazes me to no end.


My hat is off to ya.

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Each blade is hand finished, each frame is hand finished. I am sitting here right now sharpening and etching each blade BY HAND. Yes they are stone washed as a group. If that is mass production, boy have I missed something. My total MASS production is 10, maybe 15 knives a week. Each is custom made, modified for each user. I am one of the last one man shops in existance. Our specialty is customization for LE & MIL needs, 90% or more. In our descrition we tell folks that each knife will have individual "Character" no 2 alike. Pop over and get a taste of "Mass Production" 12-15 hour days.


Got you grinder and drill press set up so you too can get a taste of "Mass Production".

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Hey bud, take it easy now, I meant no harm in my statements, i genuinely loved the blade that you posted before.

I just thought it was going to be a one-off and was looking forward to it, and was dissapointed.

We obviously have different ideas of what " hand made" means. You hand-finish and hand assemble. Cool, if that's your gig and it works for you, then like I said, my hat is off to you.

If you want to call it "hand-made", that's your prerogative, and again, awesome, give er.


To me, having the blades and frames machine-made to a pattern en-masse excludes them from the "hand-made" category, that used to be called "bench-made" in some circles. Whatever, got no problem with it.


And you are certainly not one of the last one-man shops in existance, that I can assure you.

Just about every member on this forum is a one man shop. And with every individual there is a different approach and method of manufacture.


I still think it is a mass-produced knife in any case, but I did not mean it as an insult. Hand-polished, hand assembled, and those things have just as much weight and importance as any other method. In fact, it's a long standing tradition and people who worked this way used to be called cutlers and they held every bit as much respect in the knife trades as any other method or approach.


Still, it was a damn cool blade, and I like it.


I use my grinder to sharpen tools and fabricate shop gear sometimes but rarely for knifemaking. i don't have a drill press.

I make knives by hand with hand tools.

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