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Just want to start off by saying I had this blade forged, ground and heat treated (at least twice!) before Jesus posted his nagamaki so I'm not following a trend I just got beaten to the punch(what a punch though :) )


24.5” long, 1.62” at it’s widest, almost .375” thick with almost .75” of sori. it’s a san mai blade with a core of W2 wrapped in a jacket of 750 layers of laminated 1075/1045 all from Aldo. This has got to be one of the wickedest things I’ve made. Mounted as a nagamaki(long wrappings) it has a copper habaki, titanium seppa, and a heat colored hammer finished Zirconium tsuba. Lacquered rayskin wrap on tsuka with arrow menuki, antique iron fuchi, buffalo horn kashira and with my custom cord braiding over the 19.5” handle. This is a beast with a extremely active hamon.









This is availble on my website

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Well done Matt. This has serious presence. I imagine if presented with a room of the weapons seen on these forums for some time, I'd reach for this beauty.

I have always thought that one man of tolerable abilities may work great changes, and accomplish great affairs among mankind, if he first forms a good plan....

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WOW! Beast indeed!

To become old and wise... You first have to survive being young and foolish! ;) Ikisu.blogsot.com. Email; milesikisu@gmail.com mobile: +27784653651

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Matt - that is beautiful! I love the hamon. The blade would give you a little confidence if a guy was screaming at you and riding toward you on a war horse. Maybe, maybe, I would manage not to turn and run (and thereby die).


Hope I never find out.

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Very pointy!

Maybe we should make a trend of making these nagamaki.

Hell yes. first on the list if i can ever get a couple of months pre-paid... there's a beautiful nagamaki naioshi blade in the Leeds Armoury that i want to take a swing at as a fully mounted nagamaki...


Beautiful work, Matt - was the sori mostly forged in, and controlled with the hitatsura/mune-yaki?

Jake Cleland - Skye Knives


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Thanks for all the replies Guys!


Jake all the sori plus a bit more was forged in, as I tend to lose a bit when I quench in parks50 whether I controlled it or not I'm not sure :)


Get on the bandwagon guys it's a fun type of blade to make although wrapping the handle the way I did meant I had 4 pieces of cord the were 25' (thats FEET) long! It was problematic to keep them straight and untangled

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Oh. My. God. Someday...I hope to be able to afford your work.

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me too

Let's form a club. :-)


Seriously Matt.. congratulations on this. I want to be able to make this blade that you've made. I'm not sure that I can. I know that I'm ready to TRY.

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I didn't see Jesus's (I have to assume it was amazing) but damn!!! That is sweet. That hamon is gorgeous! The activity you got out of the lower carbon 1075/1045 is unbelievable, great combination.

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To Scott

I start any project I'm unsure of with two phrases.


"what could go wrong?"


and "How hard could it be?"


Then somewhere in the middle of said project comes


"well from here on out it should be nothing but problems!"


These motivational saying can get me through most things with only mild emotional scarring. :) :) :)


There is something much more aggressive about one of these over a katana, you have to kind of feel it.

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That thing has serious presence, I can only imagine what it feels like in hand... awesome.

George Ezell, bladesmith

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